Tiramisu means"pick me up"而且是我一直以来最喜欢的甜点之一!Here's an easy recipe to make it :

What you need:

250g mascarpone


150ml strong coffee or es狗万官网presso

150ml single cream

4 tablespoons icing sugar

16 sponge fingers

Chocolate bar

Cocoa powder for decoration

How to make it:

1。用香草和50毫升咖啡搅打马斯卡彭,直到所有的东西都完全混合在一起。然后用冰糖搅拌奶油,直到光滑,then pour in the mascarpone mix to this.

2.Pour the remaining coffee into a bowl and dip sponge fingers one at a time in to the coffee.

三。Line a rectangular glass tray or a bowl with the sponge fingers.If you need to you can break them in half to make them fit.Spoon the mascarpone mix in until you reach the top of the glass.Refrigerate for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.

4.Remove the tiramisu from the fridge.Take the chocolate bar and grate a little chocolate over the top of each tiramisu.Finally,dust with sifted cocoa powder and serve 🙂



  1. Yatika
    April 3,2015/1:04

    One of my all time fav desserts!I'm gonna try this

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