巴斯克风格的食物,delicious wine and a spot of golf in North Greenwich

巴斯克风格的食物,delicious wine and a spot of golf in North Greenwich

When an invitation came through for an evening of"Golf and Gastronomy"来自道格拉斯·布莱德,who is an independent gastronomy consultant,我不可能拒绝。Although I am not a good golfer by any means I do enjoy it as I come from a very golf mad family.

I arrived at the Greenwich Peninsula golf driving range after some thorough instructions and I was proud of myself for not getting lost.如果你认识我,你就知道我不是最擅长指路的,所以这是今晚许多人中的第一个亮点!!


Inside the building was an American Golf store so you can purchase any golf related items if you wish,and opposite was Vinothec Compass,我们晚上的好地方。

IMGH85Basically a wine lover's heaven!The wall is lined with amazing bottles of wine and you can purchase one to drink there.I know I will be back to do this as there were so many unusual wines which I would love to try.



因为我是第一个到达的,带着一杯里奥哈酒庄的“Cava Conde de Haro”酒杯,Muga道格拉斯让我参观了会场。视图,金丝雀码头,was so pretty but you can guess why it was not my preferred view 😛 We watched in a daze as boats sail by the golf course and it all took a little getting used to but it was amazing.你可以听到打高尔夫球的声音,这增加了场地的独特性。




感觉很虚弱,我们回到餐厅,在那里我们坐下来吃了一顿由主厨烹制的漂亮的巴斯克风格的饭,Idoia Guzman,and paired with different wines,由基思选择,这家餐馆的联合创始人之一。

We started with a small plate of anchovy,填充辣椒和橄榄,搭配门迪的“7 Txacoli”。

下一步,we were given a lovely warm shot glass filled with  Jerusalem artichoke,blended with rocket and almond pesto.现在这个组合是永远都是一个梦想!搭配葡萄酒,虽然,是一项艰巨的任务,but Keith succeeded with an ‘illegal' unfortified sherry-style from Sanlúcar – La Bota Vino Blanco ‘Florpower.' This was so delicious and it certainly got everyone's attention.

然后到了一个巴斯克黑布丁,上面有胡椒粉和闪闪发光的盐晶体。This was so delicious,质地在你嘴里融化,只是为了死。这是与Txacoli配对的,poured sheerly,还有巴斯克,Sagardoa Sidra。这时我已经有点高兴了。

We shared then shared a salad which had the biggest tomatoes I have ever seen!This was served with onions,韭菜,olive oil,再配上新鲜出炉的烤面包和凤尾鱼,橄榄和罗勒,and ricotta,煎饼和松露。Both dishes quickly vanished and they were served with a modern style of Saperavi from Georgia.



Our penultimate dish was a confit of cod fresh from Billingsgate market and served with a pepper and tomato ragu matched with a white Priorat,很漂亮。

最后一道美味佳肴是一条系有皮带的马拉松小马,配以一种产自南非布雷德河谷的精心调制的奥里芬茨堡糖浆。This went so well with the rare beef and sweet potato gnocchi,which was superb and served unusually in a block shape.

我们吃了一道美味的甜点,水煮白桃子配上一点迷迭香的英式开心果。The flavour combination was just wow and we enjoyed it with a  a Swiss sweet Sauvignon blanc by Favre John and Mike,which I need to get my hands on.


然后来了一个托盘,里面装着几杯用新鲜薄荷装饰的浓缩咖啡鸡尾酒。狗万官网The coffee used for this cocktail was from artisan roaster,Francis Bradshaw at Moon Roast (Hampshire).鸡尾酒的底座是不是伏特加,按照传统的浓缩马提尼,狗万官网,但是49%的索诺玛县黑麦来自罐式蒸馏器,aged in American oak barrels.这真是太神奇了,我想在那之后每个人的脸上都有一个快乐的微笑。


We had a fantastic and really fun evening and it is definitely a venue I will go back to.非常适合外出一天,因为你可以在球场上打高尔夫球,and then settle down to a fantastic meal and some excellent wine in the restaurant.That is certainly the plan for me!!





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    我刚刚参观了里奥哈的穆加葡萄园!I loved their sparkling white wine.这个活动看起来很随意,但是非常有趣,而且食物看起来很棒。

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