Two Michelin Star dining at Spondi in Athens

Two Michelin Star dining at Spondi in Athens

On a recent trip to Athens,Greece,we chose to dine at the Relais & Châteaux restaurant Spondi,which has two michelin stars and serves French haute cuisine with a modern Greek cultural style.It was recommended to me by my friend Bibi,结果这顿饭真是难以置信。

Spondi is housed over three floors and the restaurant has a magical and romantic setting,as well as very classy interiors with its dark leather seating and fine linen table cloths.外面还有一个可爱的花园露台就餐区,那里有浪漫的灯光,夏季开放。



As we were visiting during the winter months,we dined inside in the cosy brick walled restaurant.


There were pretty chandeliers and other lights lining the ceiling and soft piano music played through the speakers,making it really special.On our table was a beautiful gold plate,which was taken away once our first dish arrived,but the mystery of the plate is revealed later on in this blog post.


Spondi was opened by Apostolos Trastelis in 1996.The menu is seasonal and dependent on what produce is popular,and it won its first Michelin star in 2002 and the second in 2008.

There is an a la carte menu and 2 tasting menus – the 4 course"“启动”menu,每人73欧元,Discovery"menu,它有7道菜,每人136欧元。

We opted for the Initiation menu as we had eaten lunch fairly late that day as it was our first day in Athens.服务很周到,因为阿米特选了一瓶啤酒给他喝,酒侍者把所有的注意力都转向我,给我选了一种极好的希腊葡萄酒。



尽管我们的菜单只有4道菜,we were given so many additional courses to indulge in,所有的一切都是感官上的愉悦。

首先到达的是一种甜菜根意大利面饼,里面有辣根酱,味道清淡可爱。yes refreshing with tangy elements due to the horseradish.它真的清洗了我们的味觉调色盘,为剩下的饭菜做好了准备,and was presented really prettily.


Now something disastrous happened to me while at Spondi – my camera battery died and I could have cried as my iPhone camera quality,尤其是在光线不足的情况下,is terrible.Luckily Amit had his Samsung phone so I had to resort to taking some photos with that!!

我最喜欢的是侍者耐心地解释每一道菜,而我则草草记下笔记,让他拼出一些配料。It also became apparent that the restaurant prided itself on using local Greek produce as much as possible and the waiter would tell us where certain items originated from,比如克里特岛的特级初榨橄榄油。


The bread basket that accompanied the olive oil,有一个慷慨的帮助和各种经典的普通面包,Parmesan and bacon breadsticks and crispy focaccia seasoned with aromatic oregano.


然后一个看起来像锅的东西来了,with two spheres,服务生解释说这就像是竹节,made from smoked milk.它们很好吃,我们还没有开始做任何真正的菜单项目!!


我们实际菜单上的第一项是装着萝卜叶的螃蟹包裹,acacia honey,tarragon and mango puree and were so lovely and light.我喜欢包裹内柔软的质地,以及各种风味元素相互补充的方式。

现在我不是一个大鱼迷,所以不确定我是否会喜欢第二道菜。然而,事实证明我错了,结果这是我最喜欢的菜单菜!这是一种石斑鱼慕斯,放在洋葱和野菜汤里。这只石斑鱼有一块用面包做成的漂亮的纵裂皮,and was garnished with black and white meringue balls.The sauce it was served in was simply dreamy!It was a medley of spinach,龙蒿,葱和酢浆草叶子,这让它有点酸的味道。石斑鱼一点也不腥味,这是我非常高兴的。酱汁是希腊菠菜派的一大特色,完全值得。


菜单上的第三道菜,was a  Partridge dish served with foie gras,黑喇叭蘑菇和土豆蛋奶酥。This was both of our least favourite dish as it tasted a little meaty and the partridge was tough.


With the savoury dishes done,我们得到了一份餐前甜点来清洁我们的调色板。In a wide bowl arrived a green apple sorbet garnished with a pecan nut meringue and sat on a bed of basil and mint puree.它是如此令人耳目一新,正是我们需要的!!


甜点总是我最喜欢的食物,and the dessert at Spondi was really special.这是一种薄皮糕点,用软焦糖和弗勒德塞尔调味,配上波旁香草冰淇淋和金盘子。奥秘解决了。Utter heaven and just magical!!



If that wasn't enough more treats arrived in the form of coconut,酸橙和焦糖小四!!


我们喜欢我们在斯宾迪的晚餐,如果您要去雅典,想要一个美妙的美食体验,我们强烈推荐您。它很昂贵但值得,and we felt that the Initiation menu was actually enough for us as we were really full after it.Even though the menu only has 4 courses,你得到的服务远不止这些!!

场地特别华丽,服务一流。我喜欢这里的环境和菜肴,我觉得这绝对值一分钱。It had a really romantic vibe and proved to be a memorable meal,even though my camera let me down so please do excuse the picture quality in this post!!



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  1. January 26,2017 / 1:31 pm

    这看起来像是一顿轰动的晚餐,宾尼!我喜欢他们多上几门课的方式。I feel like there should a pre/post dessert at every restaurant.你知道,如果一家餐馆能成功地做出你平时不喜欢的菜,变成你真正喜欢的东西。Bravo Spondi!!

    – A

  2. January 27,2017/12:50

    Sounds like such an exquisite experience,一直到那些娇小的四肢!x

  3. January 28,下午2017点12分17分

    你总是那么可爱,and i love the sound of this four-course meal!螃蟹包裹听起来太史诗了!!


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