The Montagu's ‘Beneath The Colour' Menu & The Churchill Bar's ‘Chromatic' Cocktail at The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

The Montagu's ‘Beneath The Colour' Menu & The Churchill Bar's ‘Chromatic' Cocktail at The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill
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We kicked off our evening at The Churchill Bar,which if you haven't been,它是一块隐藏的宝石,离牛津街的疯狂人群只有几分钟的路程!它有一个可爱的露台,鸡尾酒非常好。我特别喜欢冬季露台,所以你一定要在这个冬天去看看它,因为它太神奇了,,
We were trying the ‘Chromatic' Cocktail that evening,which arrived in a bright and vibrant shade of blue,matching one of the Saatchi artworks,再撒上糖。
It was really delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the terrace which is perfect no matter what season it is.我喜欢酒保的创造力,能创造出如此美妙的调酒师对萨奇作品的诠释,这绝对值得一试。
We then wandered inside to The Montagu,where a lovely Chef's table had been set up for us to experience the ‘Beneath The Colour' menu.I just love watching Chef's at work and so this was really exciting.
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Kicking off with some Pommery bubbles and grazing on freshly baked bread,we watched them prepare our first course with glee.
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素食的选择是焦糖烤无花果,steamed artichokes,Goat's curd and celery oil,which was light,refreshing and presented in a stunning way.
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For mains,我们吃了一道美味的西域烤羊腰肉和炖肩肉,还有婴儿蔬菜。White Onion Puree and Lamb Jus.The lamb was cooked perfectly.
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绝对神圣,镀得很漂亮,真正的感官享受。It was the perfect sweet end to a fantastic meal and totally signified the theme throughout the hotel for the collaboration with Saatchi Gallery.
The good news is that the menu is available until November 30 at 孟塔古and I highly recommend it.It makes for a perfect evening to start at 丘吉尔,followed by dinner in The Montagu and then taking a wander through the hotel to admire the various art installations on display.

The menu is available Monday to Friday between 12-2.30PM and 6-10.30PM,or Saturday and Sunday between 6-10.30PM.

It costs £55 for 3 delicious courses including Paired Wines throughout the meal.

I was kindly hosted by The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill,but all views and photos are my own.


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  1. October 21,下午2017点/下午15点15分

    Looks delicious,I love lobster so the starter is definetley one I would pick and the dessert looks so pretty!What fantastic colours,art on a plate!!

  2. October 23,2017/8:55

    我喜欢读这些帖子!Your food looked so gorgeous!!

  3. October 26,2017 / 11:06 pm

    This looks fabulous – I'm in love with the Chromatic cocktail…I have a thing for turquoise 🙂 xx

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