“How you wake up each day and your morning routine dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life."“

— Hal Elrod,《奇迹之晨》的作者。

When I was working full time and running my blog at the same time I chose to wake up earlier and dedicate time to my blog as most evenings I was either out or shattered.As a result of this,我开始早上的例行公事,where I used to wake up at 5am and maximise my time before I left for work at 7am.这成了一种习惯,对我来说工作得很好,因为我能够在写博客的时候保持领先地位,并且在没有分心的情况下非常富有成效。People would ask me how I managed it all and this was how.

Now that I am freelance I still maintain a morning routine to stay disciplined,相反,我早上6点起床,早上7点30分开始工作。虽然我不认为有一个早上的例行公事对每个人都是最好的,因为每个人都有不同的约束条件,preferences,还有睡眠计划,我个人受益匪浅,所以在这篇文章中,我将详细介绍我的个人习惯。


No snoozing

When my alarm goes off at 6:00am I don't 狗万官网press snooze and instead get straight out and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a shower.By doing this I am fully awake and I resist the temptation to slide back under the covers.I then have a glass of water to hydrate myself.


I then make the bed so that takes away any final temptation to slide back in.It only takes a few minutes,我喜欢晚上进房间,有一张整理整齐的床。


Coffee is always needed and so I put the kettle on and make myself a cup.While I enjoy sipping on it,I find a positive quote to post on my Instagram account.这真的有助于我在一个良好的心情开始我的一天,通过设置一个积极的焦点。

我也会花些时间去思考和写日记。今年早些时候,我学习了一门奢华的长生不老药课程,它确实帮助了我的思维方式,并灌输了感恩的重要性,所以我每天都写一份感恩清单。You can find out more about her and her programmes here:http://www.luxe-elixir.com/

By doing this it doesn't mean that I automatically have a perfect day,but I do feel like I am better equipped to handle whatever may come my way that day.


I am a creature of habit and so I typically have the same thing every day–  Peanut butter or Almond butter on toast or with oats.它能让我在午餐前保持饱腹感,并帮助我更集中精力,因为我不那么分心吃零食。

我一直很爱你pip和nut的范围that they kindly sent me to try as I have been a fan for so long.我最喜欢的是松脆的枫花生酱和巧克力橙杏仁酱,这是神圣的!我可以想象他们也会吃到美味的巧克力蛋糕。


Books that I found life-changing that I would recommend can be foundhere.

Make my plan for the day





Do you already have a morning routine?如果是这样,你是做什么的?XX

Binita Shah-Patel

Hi,我是宾尼,一个作家,dreamer,流连忘返和旅行成瘾。我原来是肯尼亚人,现在住在伦敦。I set up this blog to share my experiences eating out as well as travelling.

我喜欢打包行李和去冒险,因为旅行中最好的一件事就是迷路。To set aside the maps and itineraries and just see where the road takes you,学习、发展、生活在当下。

It's my goal to get swept off my feet as often as possible.

Find me on:网状物|Twitter



  1. October 5,2018/11:08

    谢谢你的洞察力,宾尼!It's great to hear about others routines.我起得早了一点,因为晚上拍照的时候天越来越黑了,实际上效果很好!!

  2. October 5,2018 / 1:07 pm

    I love the giraffe mug!以及积极性。

  3. October 11,2018 / 10:11 am

    我当然是个早起的人。我总是宁愿早起也不愿晚睡——这也是因为詹姆斯喜欢在早上5点到6点30分的任何时候叫醒我吃早餐。But then I'll go to bed when he does to maximise sleep.我早上的工作效率更高。

  4. 10月15日,下午2018点12分17分

    I need to stop using snooze!That pip and nut spread sounds yummy!!

  5. October 24,2018/11:22

    非常感谢你分享这个宝贝:我一直很钦佩你在平衡工作和一个精彩的博客上的表现,而你关于早上5点起床的小片段则是你如何做到的。You always inspire me to no end and now even more so.你能写一篇关于如何在平衡你的日常工作和博客这两个要求很高的工作的同时保持如此积极和自律的文章吗??
    My morning routine consists of: waking up at 6:30 am.我通常煮些咖啡或柴(取决于我的心情),然后开始写日记。一旦我完成了写日记,我通常会读一章或几页我正在读的任何鼓舞人心的书(目前它是布伦登·伯查德的高生产率习惯),并从中得到一些教训。At 8,I shower,准备好我和M的早餐,然后准备好工作,9点开始我的律师工作。博客和任何形式的锻炼都会被降级到晚上(当我不太崩溃的时候)和周末,这会导致矛盾。When I create posts I love it,but at the moment: the struggle to balance the day job with the blog is real and I am not a morning person so the 5 am starts like you had are indeed a tough one!But B – you deserve ALL the success and more because you are the most disciplined person I know!!!很多爱和拥抱


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