12 days of Christmas – The Festive Afternoon Tea at The InterContinental London Park Lane

12 days of Christmas – The Festive Afternoon Tea at The InterContinental London Park Lane


I arrived in my sparkliest dress as a nod to the most wonderful time of the year and couldn't resist a photo with the hotel's stunning Christmas decor!它就像冬天的仙境一样美丽。

For our afternoon tea we were seated in The Wellington Lounge,where I have enjoyed many an afternoon tea previously,喜欢它的优雅,还有海德公园的风景,在那里,人们一边喝茶或香槟一边观看。

You'll have to excuse my photos as it had gotten dark when we arrived (joys of winter).

We started our experience with a glass each of Perrier-Jouët Grand brut whilst we pondered over our choices of tea to accompany the festive treats.The waitress suggested Darjeeling as a good match and so we both went with her recommendation.

与这首歌的歌词一致,我们的第一道美味佳肴是给埃米特做的鹦鹉派,served with delicious rice and olives which had been oven baked for hours,和一个脱水的梨,还有一个素食版本的蘑菇和栗子给我。

Amit's sandwich selection included Smoked salmon with cream cheese,全麦芥末蜂蜜烘焙金缕梅,用鼠尾草、洋葱蛋黄酱、龙虾和螯虾烤火鸡。他非常喜欢柠檬和火鸡三明治,所以他点了额外的!!


Next we were brought over the decadent scones,加凝乳,草莓酱和橙腐。As a seasonal twist,在普通的烤饼旁边,放着蔓越莓冬味的烤饼,which were scrumptious.We were asked if we wanted to change our tea but we were enjoying ours so much that we continued with it.

甜甜的一层是一系列美妙的节日盛宴,如用椰子通心粉做的湖上的圣诞天鹅,crémeux,which was a chocolate and kumquat filled golden goose egg,戴着金戒指,and a christmas tree shaped pear mousse,这是我最喜欢的选择。

我们充分享受了下午茶的节日气氛,价格是36英镑,包括一杯Perrier-JoutGrandBrut。For something different,本赛季,去公园路上的洲际大道,相信我,那是个好去处!!


Binita Shah-Patel

你好,I'm Binny – a writer,梦想家,serial wanderluster and travel addict.I am originally from Kenya but now live in London.我设立这个博客是为了分享我在外面吃饭和旅行的经历。

I love packing my bags and going off on adventures as one of the best things about travelling is the ability to just get lost in it.把地图和旅行路线放在一边,看看路怎么走,学习,进化,活在当下。

It's my goal to get swept off my feet as often as possible.

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